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Who Are We?

ChangerTech Inc., founded in 2003, is the world's leading multimedia software solution provider about digital video, music, DVD and audio production. Our mission is to help you enjoy the best digital life with wide range of excellent software with the lowest price and highest quality.

Customer Focus

We'll constantly enrich the function of the product, keeping adding more output formats of video & audio to get our iPod Converter always up-to-date. Our support service center has always been ready to spare no effort to answer questions about our software if you contact with us.

International Base

ChangerTech Inc., is proud of having a worldwide customer base and available worldwide in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Chinese, etc. We aim to improve the quality of our products to win users' trust and bring better experience to our customers.

Contact Us

ChangerTech is located in Fairbanks City, AK, USA

Alaska Standard Time Zone

Business Hours

8:00am-7:00pm AKST, Monday-Friday

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
ChangerTech Inc.
86 College Road,
Fairbanks City, AK, 99701

Contact Person: Harold Hill

Phone: (907) 374-3568
Fax: (907) 374-3568


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