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How to Convert Video Files?

Free iPod Converter is the functionality, user friendly and simplicity video to iPod converter that can convert almost all video formats such as AVI, FLV, 3GP, RM, MPEG and so on to virtually any format you require with super-fast speed and excellent output quality. Download and install Free iPod Converter to convert video files so that you can enjoy your favorite videos again on any Windows PC or mobile devices.

1. Input Video Files

Launch Free iPod Converter. Click "Add Video..." to input video files on your computer to the window. The detailed information of the added files can be viewed. Use the "Delete" button or "Clear" button to remove the unwanted files. Click "Move Up" or "Move Down" button or by drag the listed files to queue the files to meet your demands. There's a "Play" button to play the selected file with the media player in your system.

Input Video Files

2. Specify Output Settings

Click "Select..." to choose output folder. Then, choose an output format as you like. There are Video and Devices tabs, both containing various output formats and you just need to select one in the right tab. For example, you can click "Video" tab to choose "To MP4" as the output format. For specific needs, you can choose the output quality with custom parameters in the "Presets" dropdown list. Hit "Convert" to start conversion.

Specify Output Settings

3. Start Conversion

After you hit "Convert", within few seconds, you can see the some conversion info and a progress bar. There are also post-process options to choose auto play a sound or shutdown the computer after conversion.

Start Conversion

A brief report will be displayed after conversion. Click "Open folder" to directly find the converted files.

Find the Converted Files

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