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The following is a list of quotes by our customers that we feel shows our pride in how we do business.


See what our users say about our products...

...convert all my files easily.

"Here's a big "thank you" to you guys for your great work! It converts all my files easily. It's very fast and handy. I like it very much."
- Jeff Mayhew easy and fast.

"I was impressed with how easy and fast your software converted my files to MP4 so I was able to share them with my family with my cell phone."
- Norbert Nowak.


...a great effort.

"We want to thank you and your team for a great effort to assist us. Your efforts reflect a great company. You stand out among many software companies because of your ability to assist your customers. The wizard makes it so easy to convert files to AVI, MP4 and other formats for all our family's devices."
- Michelle Rampart easy to convert files to MP4 and other formats.

"I can't tell you how wonderful the product is. It is so easy to convert files to MP4 and other formats! I hope your company continues to thrive, and more people have the opportunity to enjoy your products. Your customer service is unmatched by anyone in the industry!"
- Larry Gallant


...very very good indeed.

"I used your program 3 weeks ago and it is very very good indeed. It does all that I need and does efficiently. Well done. And I will tell all my Internet friends and business associates about your product."
- Ron Jacob excellent product.

"Thank you so much! Free iPod Converter is an excellent product and you guys are always so very quick to assist. Your support is fantastic! "
- Paul Renaldo


...get an ability to convert my favorite files into PSP format. 

"I often take my PSP up on the road when I get to university. It takes me about 40 minutes that is why I like watching movies while the trip. But there was a problem with some formats. Using Free iPod Converter I've get an ability to convert my favorite films into PSP format. That is so convenient!"
- Anthony James


...saves time in my work and entertainment.

"This software is almost indispensable - especially for beginners like me, not well acquainted with this kind of work. It satisfies me and saves much time in my work and entertainment. I'm excited and eager to see the next version of Free iPod Converter."
- Amy Durand

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